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A young redhead traveling with Olivia when Ralph and the others picked them up. June helps take care of Gina, and befriends Frannie in Boulder, Colorado. 

Portrayed by:

(2020 CBS All Access Miniseries)

Not featured (1994 ABC Miniseries)


A 48 year old veterinarian that Nick, Tom, and Ralph happened across in Kansas. Dick lost his wife to the superflu, but becomes something of the group doctor, continuing in the job in Boulder. He is asked to serve on the ad hoc committee, but turns it down due to being too busy with medical issues brought to him. Dick is also the one who suggests a Burial Committee be formed. He falls in love with a woman named Laurie Constable, who arrives in Boulder with Larry Underwood's party. 

Portrayed by:

(2020 CBS All Access Miniseries)

Richard Jewkes (1994 ABC Miniseries)


A little girl left alone when her family died of the flu. She fell from a hayloft and broke her leg, which Dick Ellis manages to treat and put in a cast. She is taken care of by the entire party, but most notably Ralph, Olivia, and June. 

Portrayed by:

(2020 CBS All Access Miniseries)

(1994 ABC Miniseries)