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This Dark Chest of Wonders: 40 Years of Stephen King's The Stand

From the Publisher (Cemetery Dance):

In September 1978, Stephen King published The Stand, a massive, post-apocalyptic story that captured the imagination of his growing legion of Constant Readers, introducing them to his ultimate villain, Randall Flagg. Over the course of time, the tale of good and evil only gained in popularity, leading to the 1990 publication of The Stand: Complete and Uncut, which gave audiences the author's original vision for his novel.

In This Dark Chest of Wonders: 40 Years of Stephen King's The Stand, Andy Burns (Wrapped In Plastic: Twin Peaks, BiffBamPop.com) tells the story behind the story of King's enduring opus and delves deep into its various incarnations — the unfilmed George A. Romero adaptation; the 1994 ABC mini-series; the audiobook; and Marvel Comics' adaptation.

Included are exclusive interviews with Stephen King experts Bev Vincent, Robin Furth, Mick Garris, Jamey Sheridan, WG Snuffy Walden, Grover Gardner, Ralph Macchio, Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa and Mike Perkins.

This Dark Chest of Wonders: 40 Years of The Stand delivers a complete and uncut look into one of Stephen King's most enduring achievements.

My Review!

A wonderful journey from King's beginnings and inspirations for The Stand, all the way to the most recent rumors and news of a probable miniseries from CBS All Access. It's very clear Andy Burns is a fan of the novel, and of King himself, and he interviews several King experts about their thoughts on the apocalyptic story, as well as their own work on the miniseries, the audiobook, and the comics.

I really loved the insight from the Foreword to the amazing character encyclopedia and bonus ephemera at the end of the book.

Obviously, this is for fans of Stephen King and a must-read for any fan of The Stand. There's just something about this story that brings fans together, even forty years later. I plan on doing a longer review for my podcast, but I wanted to leave a review here as well, just to gush for a bit. I'm so happy I got a copy of this and I plan on keeping it on my bookshelf next to my many copies of The Stand, including the wonderful Omnibus by Marvel.

While TDCOW is out of print, you can still purchase the eBook! Check out the retailers below for more information/pricing: