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'The Stand' to Start Filming in September

Updated: Aug 21, 2019

HN Entertainment is reporting that The Stand will begin shooting in Vancouver in September and wrap in March of 2020, which puts it on pace for the 2020 premiere date CBS All Access has been pushing.

This week Josh Boone posted a photo on his Instagram with the hashtag "scouting", and we know from a previous post that he's now in Vancouver.

The production has also added Aaron Haye (Bohemian Rhapsody) as its production designer and rumor is the working title of The Stand is called "Radio Nowhere", which was the debut single from Bruce Springsteen's 2007 album, Magic. King fans know that King used some lyrics from Springsteen's Jungleland at the beginning of the novel, and lamented that Springsteen would have made a good Larry Underwood at the time.

With filming set to begin in September, no doubt we'll be hearing more and more news about the production in the upcoming weeks!