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'The Stand' Filming is Underway in Vancouver! - Photos

With filming underway in Vancouver for The Stand (aka Radio Nowhere - it's working title), residents have been warned about the images they may see.

Many residents and locals have taken photographs and footage of the filming. Please be warned some of these are graphic!

It looks like they're definitely hitting the "tube neck" description of Captain Trips pretty hard, and the pictures are pretty gruesome!

Among the photos of the dead (dummies, of course) are photos of Heather Graham and Jovan Adepo filming as Rita Blakemoor and Larry Underwood! I'm really loving Larry's look in this.

Be sure to follow The Circle Opens on Twitter for more updates! If you have any photos of filming that you would like to share, feel free to shoot me an email at thecirclecloses @ gmail.com.