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'The Stand' 1994 Miniseries Coming to Blu Ray

Updated: Aug 21, 2019

Back in April Mick Garris spoke to Dead Entertainment about why his 1994 adaptation of The Stand wasn't likely to see a blu ray release:

I think there's a zero percent chance of Blu-Ray. Well, The Stand was shot on 16mm film - most television and films were shot on 35mm - and it was edited and finalized on standard definition video. So, it was never cut on film and it was never transferred to HD, because there was no such thing as HD in 1994. So, the cost of going back to the negative and conforming it and making an HD output of it would be prohibitive, especially because physical media is something that people are not particularly interested [in] anymore. It would be very expensive to go back and do an HD master. If they do, that might change everything, but I just can't imagine it happening.

Despite this entirely logical explanation as to why a blu ray edition would be difficult and unlikely, Movieweb has announced that the 4 part miniseries will indeed be released on blu ray on September 24, 2019. According to the article, there will be a collector's edition, but there is no real news on what special features might be included. Stay tuned!