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'Night Shift' Book Review

"I had looked into my own face and seen a monster."

Having previously read and loved Stephen King's novella, 1922, I decided to dive into more short stories, opting for a selection I had on my King TBR list - Night Shift. I have to say I'm pretty upset with myself for not having read these sooner. Night Shift is a fantastic collection of eerie, spooky and occasionally downright gruesome short stories.

Some I enjoyed more than others but I can honestly say there is not one story that I disliked. I always felt like it would be too difficult to develop characters and successfully build tension and tell a full story in such a limited time, but Stephen King pulls it off. He's the Master of Horror for a reason, and Night Shift is evidence of that.

This review would be incredibly long if I went over each short story individually, so I'm going to list my absolute favorites (of which I would give 5 stars):

Jerusalem's Lot, Night Surf, I Am the Doorway, Battleground, Sometimes They Come Back, Strawberry Spring, Children of the Corn, One for the Road.

The rest are between 3.5 - 4.5 stars, with perhaps my least favorite being The Woman in the Room, but even that I enjoyed just from the writing alone. King really shines with his short stories/novellas, effectively packing tension and fear in such a small amount of time. Some of these stories have been turned into movies, but it's clear that Hollywood has difficulty adapting the more terrifying elements to the big screen. It's like something gets lost in translation, which is a shame.

Night Shift is an absolute must read for any fan of King, or even horror in general.


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