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'If It Bleeds' Coming in 2020

Updated: Aug 21, 2019

With King's new novel, The Institute, arriving in bookstores on September 10th of this year, it seems as though we'll have another publication from the Master of Horror in 2020 as well! Lilja's Library has reported that King announced his next book, If It Bleeds, at the Workplay Festival, where King and his band, The Rock Bottom Remainders, also performed. King didn't discuss any major plot details other than revealing that the novel's protagonist will be none other than Holly Gibney of the Mercedes Trilogy and The Outsider fame. With Holly being involved, it seems as though King is still on his crime novel kick.

I feel like Holly's return will invoke different reactions among the Constant Readers community. I've talked to so many King fans who love Holly but also have heard from others that while they enjoyed Holly, they're ready for King to move on from the character. Personally, I'm just excited to get another novel so soon after The Institute, and it probably helps that I'm a big fan of the crime genre as well. Hopefully, King will add a bit of a supernatural bent the way he did with The Outsider.