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Boone Teases Day One of 'The Stand'

As I sit here finishing up my outline to record Episode 18 of The Circle Opens Podcast, I saw that Josh Boone, director and writer of the CBS All Access adaptation of The Stand, posted two new photos to his Instagram. Well, one photo and one video! I've already posted them to my Twitter account ( @thecircleopens ) but I want to post them here as well for you guys!

The first is a photo of Randall Flagg's iconic wardrobe: the denim jacket! And while we've already got official confirmation from CBS All Access, Boone also confirms Alexander Skarsgard will helm the denim in the role of Flagg.

He also posted a short video captioned with the hashtags "thestand" and "dayone" with the video showing us a slow-moving zoom-in of a script for Episode 101, which looks to be titled, "The End". It was reported several weeks ago that Marilyn Manson has recorded a cover of "The End" (by The Doors) for the limited series as well. Will the song be featured in Episode 1? The episode was written by Josh Boone and Ben Cavell, and directed by Boone.

#thestand #dayone - Josh Boone on IG (joshboonemovies)

I'll be chatting a bit about this in tomorrow's podcast episode, but this is really cool! It's actually happening and the ball is rolling. I've got chills (and they're multiplying... ha ha) and I hope you guys are as excited as I am.

Stay tuned for more updates as they come!