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Name: Nick Andros

Age: 22

Occupation: Drifter

Parents: Unnamed (Both Deceased)

Siblings: None

Home: Caslin, Nebraska (Born), Big Springs, Iowa

Post-Plague: Boulder, Colorado

Status: Immune


Henry Zaga (2020 CBS All Access Miniseries)

Rob Lowe (1994 ABC Miniseries)

Chapter Appearances:

9, 18, 25, 33, 40, 43, 45, 50, 51

Random Facts:

Nick's inability to speak is a medical issue unrelated to his inability to hear.


Captain Trips

When we first meet Nick, he is walking on US Route 27 out of Shoyo, Arkansas. Being unable to hear, Nick is unaware of the four men following, and he's soon jumped, beaten and robbed. He's left for dead in the middle of the street, but the car that nearly hits him comes to a stop just before Nick passes out. When he wakes up, he is on a cot in a jail cell. He meets Sheriff John Baker, and after the two make acquaintance, and Baker realizes Nick is not dangerous, he lets Nick out of the cell. Baker learns a bit of Nick's story, and agrees to help Nick catch the men who beat and robbed him, despite the fact that one of the men happens to be Baker's brother-in-law. 

Baker and his wife Janey take Nick under their wing, even as Baker comes down with Captain Trips. He deputizes Nick to help run things in the police station where three of the four men who robbed Nick are currently being held in holding cells. As Captain Trips begins to decimate Shoyo, Nick remains healthy.

The flu eventually takes Sheriff Baker's life, and the roads in and out of Shoyo become blocked as the army quarantines the small town. Doc Soames and Janey also come down with the flu. As do the men who robbed Nick. Nick does his best to take care of Janey and the prisoners, but two of the three men die in their cells, and the last begins to show signs of the flu. Nick releases him, and then is by Janey's side as she dies. He buries her per her last wishes. 

Nick remains in Shoyo briefly after Janey's death but decides to leave after he is attacked again by Ray Booth and loses an eye in the fight. 


He had been in some funny places, but never in his wildest dreams had he been expecting to be sitting in a sheriff's office, deputized, in charge of three men who had beaten him up, and writing his life story. (Chapter 18)

There was a word that he had learned at the movies as a kid. That word was INCOMMUNICADO. It was a word that had fantastic, Lovecraftian overtones to Nick, a fearful word that echoed and clanged in the brain, a word that inscribed all the nuances of fear that live only outside the sane universe and inside the human soul. He had been incommunicado all his life. (Chapter 18)

"When I got old enough to look for a steady job, times got worse. They said the stock-market crashed, or something, but since I'm deaf I didn't hear it (ha-ha)." (Chapter 18)

"You're a thoughtful boy. That's rare. A boy in this degraded age who has a sense of responsibility is even rarer." - Doc Soames (Chapter 18)

The fact of the lights going out had hit him very hard and now he stood looking to the west, silently begging the light not to desert him and leave him in this dark graveyard. (Chapter 33)