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Name: Nadine Cross

Age: 37

Occupation: Teacher

Parents: Adopted Parents (deceased)

Siblings: Brother (Deceased)

Home: South Barnstead, New Hampshire

Post-Plague: Boulder, Colorado/Las Vegas, Nevada

Status: Immune

Amber Heard (2020 CBS All Access Miniseries)

Laura San Giacomo (1994 ABC Miniseries)

Chapter Appearances:

44, 50

Random Facts:


On The Border

Nadine is traveling with a young boy named Joe when they both come across Larry, who has fallen asleep underneath a tree. Joe has a knife and is about to stab Larry when Nadine tells him no, and that they'll wait and see. They follow Larry into Maine and Nadine has to continually reassure and persuade Joe that they need Larry and he could lead them to other people.

Eventually Joe tries to attack Larry, who is quick to defend himself. Nadine manages to calm Joe, threatening to leave him if he can't be good. She admits to Larry that they were following him for two days. She is protective of Joe, who she found dying of an animal bite on the front of his lawn, and after some discussion, Larry agrees with allow Nadine and Joe to travel with him. 

Nadine and Larry learn Joe is something of a musical prodigy after he warms to Larry's guitar playing and then takes the guitar to replicate the songs himself. Soon they come across the barn where Harold wrote the message about traveling to the Stovington Plague Center with Fran, and Larry and Nadine decide to travel there as well. Nadine fights her attraction to Larry, and brushes off his attempts at anything romantic. They come across Lucy Swann, and the four continue on their journey to Stovington, where they find a new message from Harold Lauder, indicating that he, along with Fran Goldsmith, Stu Redman, and Glen Batemen, will be moving west to Nebraska.


"The woman came out - she was tall and imposing, but seemed not to move the bushes at all. Her hair was a thick, luxuriant black streaked with thick blazes of purest white; attractive, startling hair. It was twisted into a cable that hung over one shoulder and trailed away only as it reached the swell of her breast. When you looked at this woman you first noticed how tall she was, and then your eyes would think how you could almost feel its rough yet oily texture with your eyes." (Chapter 44)

"She was pure. She was waiting. There had been dreams." (Chapter 44)

"The woman with the dark eyes and the boy came next. The woman looked at her gravely and unflinchingly; the boy's face showed frank wonder. The boy was all right. But something about the woman made her feel grave-cold. He's here, she thought. He's come in the shape of this woman ... for behold he comes in more forms than his own ... the wolf ... the crow ... the snake."(Chapter 50)

"He's in her - the Devil's Imp." (Chapter 50)