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Name: Lloyd Henreid

Age: Unknown (Younger)

Occupation: Petty criminal



Home: Marathon, Pennyslvania

Post-Plague: Las Vegas, Nevada

Status: Immune

Nat Wolff (2020 CBS Miniseries)

Miguel Ferrer (1994 ABC Miniseries)


Andrew "Poke" Freeman - Partner in Crime

Randall Flagg

Chapter Appearances:

16, 24, 32, 39

Random Facts

Served time in a workhouse jail in Brownsville after being convicted for attempted rape.

As a child, had a rabbit that starved to death when he forgot about it. 


Captain Trips

Lloyd has served time in Nevada for an attempted sexual assault. It's there he meets Andrew "Poke" Freeman, who suggests Lloyd meet up with him when he's finally released. Poke has a lead about a pretty big score facilitated by "Gorgeous" George, a man who runs guns and drugs for the mafia. Lloyd hesitates briefly before taking Poke up on his offer to get Lloyd involved. George, Lloyd, and Poke come up with a plan where Poke and Lloyd will "beat and rob" George, taking the goods for themselves, and then the three will share the profits. However, when they finally tie up George, Poke decides he and Lloyd should take everything for themselves, and he kills George.

The two then embark on a murderous crime spree through Nevada, Arizona, and New Mexico before doubling back (by accident) into Arizona. In need of cash, Lloyd and Poke rob a convenience store, unaware that their crimes have been plastered all over the news. Poke immediately murders a woman in the store who was shopping, but he is shot in the face by a cowboy at the counter who was armed. Lloyd panics and begins to fire everywhere, shooting and killing the cowboy. Poke remains alive, but is quickly shot and killed by the cashier, who was also armed, after Lloyd runs out of ammunition. Lloyd flees but is arrested immediately by police outside. 

In prison, Lloyd enjoys some celebrity due to the notoriety of his crimes with Poke. He figures he'll serve 10-20 in prison, but those are the breaks. His court appointed attorney quickly informs him they're going for the death penalty, and he's likely going to fry if they cannot convince the jury Lloyd was scared of Poke, and scared for his life. 

After Captain Trips wipes out the country, Lloyd, who is immune, is left to starve to death in his cell without much hope of being rescued.


Interstate fugitives. Lloyd Henreid liked the sound of that. Gangbusters. Take that, you dirty rat. Have a lead sandwich, ya lousy copper. (Chapter 16)

"Holy gee." (Chapter 16)

He was dazzled by his new fame. It sure wasn't much like Brownsville had been. Even the food was better. When you got to be a heavy hitter, you got some respect. He imagined that Tom Cruise must feel something like this at a world premiere. (Chapter 24)

"It's a tough old world, Lloyd. Especially for 'mad dog killers,' which is what the newspapers and tv commentators are calling you. You're a real big man in the world of crime. You've got real drag. You even put the flu epidemic back East on page two." - Andy Devins (Chapter 24)

It was all Poke's fault. On his own, Lloyd never would have been ambitious to get into more than small-time trouble. (Chapter 32)

"Shut up! I ain't your mother! Your mother's in charge of blowjobs at a whorehouse in Asshole, Indiana!" (Chapter 32)

No answer. Not even a cry of "Mother!"At this point, he might have welcomed it. Even the company of the mad was better than the company of the dead. (Chapter 32)