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Name: Larry Underwood

Age: 28-30 years

Occupation: Musician

Parents: Max and Alice (Deceased)

Siblings: None

Home: New York City, NY

Post-Plague: Boulder, Colorado

Status: Immune

Jovan Adepo (2020 CBS All Access Miniseries)

Adam Storke (1994 ABC Miniseries)

Chapter Appearances:

5, 10, 11, 19, 27, 35, 41, 44, 50, 51

Random Facts:

Lived with a woman named Yvonne Wetterlen for 14 months before he broke up with her after his song became a hit.

One hit called "Baby, Can You Dig Your Man?"

Likes his eggs scrambled.


Captain Trips


Larry returns home to New York after some financial issues have forced him to leave the west coast. Surging off of a hit record, Larry has overspent and dug himself a hole not only with monetary issues but drug-related ones as well. Needing to lay low for a bit until the worst of it blows over, he drives to his mother's house in New York and stays with her for several days, though the plan is to return to California sooner than later. 

Those plans are derailed when his mother, Alice, is stricken with the superflu. After her death, Larry is left in New York City as chaos reigns and Captain Trips effectively wipes out most of the population. He reminisces a lot about his life prior to the superflu, and everything he would no longer have again, including his mother. In a decimated city he meets Rita Blakemoor, a pill-popping, middle-aged woman who lost her husband two years before Captain Trips. She seems a bit lost on her own and she and Larry decide to leave New York together.


"There's a hard streak in you. There's something in you that's like biting on tinfoil. Whatever it takes to make success, you've got it. You'll have a nice little career. Middle-of-the-road pop no one will remember in five years. The junior high boppers will collect your records. You'll make money." - Wayne Stuckey (Chapter 5)

"There was something hard in Larry. [...] So when it came to that hard streak? Who did Larry have to thank? Or blame?" (Chapter 5)

"He was just what she said he was: the same old Larry. He would go along, not thinking, getting people - including himself - into jams, and when the jams got bad enough, he would call upon that hard streak to extricate himself. As for the others? He would leave them to sink or swim on their own. Rock was tough, and there was toughness in his character, but he still used it destructively." (Chapter 5)

"This was no boy in front of her; this was a grown-up man, and she feared his fays of change - the deep and fundamental sort her minister called a change of soul rather than one of heart - were behind him." (Chapter 5)

“You’re very pleasant to be with,” she said. “I like you very much. And it’s wonderful that you’re not crazy.” (Chapter 27)

"His name's Larry Underwood. Smart man, Nick. Sharp as a tack... He's six or seven years older'n you, I think, and maybe eight or nine years younger than Redman. But he's the kind of man you said we ought to be on the lookout for. He asks the right questions." (Chapter 50)