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Name: Julie Lawry

Age: 17 (?)

Parents: Deceased


Home: Pratt, Kansas

Post-Plague: Las Vegas, Nevada

Status: Immune

Katherine McNamara (2020 CBS All Access Miniseries)

Shawnee Smith (1994 ABC Miniseries)


Nick Andros (Sexual encounter)

Chapter Appearances:


Random Facts:

Seems to be a pathological liar.

Has a vicious cruel streak.

Claims to be into rock music and pot.


On The Border

Julie seems to be the sole survivor of Captain Trips in her hometown of Pratt, Kansas. She is trying on various perfumes in a drugstore when Nick Andros enters. She is stunned to see another survivor, but is less than thrilled that Nick cannot speak or hear. Almost immediately she hits on Nick and the two have sex on the drugstore floor before Julie tells Nick about her pre-Captain Trips life for nearly an hour. When she wants to have sex again, Nick refuses and she reveals a cruel streak when she calls him a "dummy". 

Nick leaves Julie with Tom, who is suffering from a stomachache, to retrieve the Pepto-Bismol he had intended to get in the drugstore before meeting Julie. Young, immature and clearly unstable, Julie teases Tom, whom she calls a "retard", and tries to make him believe the Pepto-Bismol is poison. This upsets Tom, and Nick slaps Julie in retaliation. This infuriates Julie, as does the note Nick hands her that says "We don't need you." Julie refuses to leave until Nick pulls a fun and points it at her feet. This seems to calm Julie, who then turns and runs off. 

Before Nick and Tom can leave, Julie slashes the tires of their bikes and dumps their supplies all over the road. She then begins to shoot at them from the second floor of the Pratt Hotel, causing the two men to flee Pratt on foot. 


"She told him a great deal more in the following hour, and Nick found it next to impossible to separate the truth from the lies.. or the wish-fulfillment, if you preferred." - Nick Andros (Chapter 43)

"There was something in her that he very much did not like. Some restless instability. If she got angry with you, she wouldn't yell or slap your face; not this one. This one would claw you." - Nick Andros (Chapter 43)