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Name: Harold Emery Lauder

Age: 16

Parents: Brad/Mother (both deceased)

Siblings: Amy (Deceased)

Occupation: Student 

Home: Ogunquit, Maine

Post-Plague: Boulder, Colorado

Status: Immune

Owen Teague (2020 CBS All Access Miniseries)

Corin Nemec (1994 ABC Miniseries)

Chapter Appearances:

28, 36, 42, 46, 47, 50, 51

Random Facts:

Had edited the literary magazine for Ogunquit High School

Wants to be a writer

Began smoking after the plague


Captain Trips

Harold is sixteen when the superflu spreads across the country. His sister Amy was to be married that summer, but she died, like his parents, from Captain Trips at the end of June. Without any real consequence to his actions, Harold takes the Cadillac to a deceased local, and also mentions having stolen his boots from an empty store. He is fairly certain that the government was responsible for the superflu, and that things will never be the same as they were. He asks Fran Goldsmith to leave Ogunquit, Maine with him. 


"She didn't like Harold and didn't know anyone who did, including his late sister, Amy. Probably his mother had. But it struck Fran with a tired sort of irony that the only person left in Ogunquit besides herself should be one of the very few people in town she honestly didn't like." (Chapter 28)

"How's that for nasty? Whacks off in his pants and wears the same pair of undershorts until they'll just about stand up by themselves." - Amy Lauder (Chapter 28)

"Harold's hair was black and greasy. He was fairly tall, about six-one, but he was carrying nearly two hundred and forty pounds. He favored cowboy boots with pointed toes, wide leather garrison belts that he was constantly hitching up because his belly was considerably bigger than his butt, and flowered shirts that billowed on him like staysails." (Chapter 28)

"He liked the girl, but the boy impressed him as a frightened blowhard. And a frightened blowhard could be a very dangerous man, under the right circumstances... or the wrong ones." - Stu Redman (Chapter 42)

"Larry had gained a lot of respect for Harol, almost a liking in advance. He had already developed his own mental picture of Harold. Probably in his mid-thirties, a farmer maybe, tall and suntanned, not too bright in the book sense, maybe, but plenty canny." - Larry Underwood (Chapter 44)