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Name: Glendon Pequod Bateman

Nickname: Glen

Age: Around 60

Occupation: Retired Assistant Professor of Sociology at Woodsville Community College



Home: Woodsville, New Hampshire

Post-Plague: Boulder, Colorado

Status: Immune


Greg Kinnear (2020 CBS All Access Miniseries)

Ray Walston (1994 ABC Miniseries)


Kojak (Irish setter/Dog)

Stu Redman

Fran Goldsmith

Chapter Appearances:

37, 46, 47, 50, 51

Random Facts:


Loves to paint, but is terrible at it



During the meal, which was eaten largely on Saltines, Bateman told Stu he had been an assistant professor of sociology at Woodsville Community College. Woodsville, he said, was a small town (“famous for its community college and its four gas stations,” he told Stu) another six miles down the road. His wife had been dead ten years. They had been childless. Most of his colleagues had not cared for him, he said, and the feeling had been heartily mutual. “They thought I was a lunatic,” he said. “The strong possibility that they were right did nothing to improve our relations.” (Chapter 37)

“Weʼre a bunch of survivors with no government at all. Weʼre a hodgepodge collection from every age group, religious group, class group, and racial group. Government is an idea, Stu. Thatʼs really all it is, once you strip away the bureaucracy and the bullshit. Iʼll go further. Itʼs an inculcation, nothing but a memory path worn through the brain. What weʼve got going for us now is culture lag. Most of these people still believe in government by representation — the Republic — what they think of as ʻdemocracy.ʼ But culture lag never lasts long. After a while theyʼll start having the gut reactions: the President is dead, the Pentagon is for rent, nobody is debating anything in the House and the Senate except maybe for the termites and the cockroaches. Our people here are very soon going to wake up to the fact that the old ways are gone, and that they can restructure society any old way they want. We want — we need — to catch them before they wake up and do something nutty.” (Chapter 50)