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Click on each name to read a bit more about the character. Beware of spoilers. These pages are a work in progress!

Boulder, Colorado

Las Vegas, Nevada

Minor Characters

Joe Bob Brentwood

Bobby Bruett

Lila Bruett

Luke Bruett

Norm Bruett

Henry Charmichael

Bill Hapscomb

Bert Hodges

Cheryl Hodges

Eva Hodges

Ralph Hodges

Sally Hodges

Vic Palfrey

Tommy Wannamaker

Charles Campion

Sally Campion

Baby LaVon Campion

Major Len Creighton

Colonel Dick Deitz

Nurse Patty Greer

General William Starkey

Mark Braddock

June Brinkmeyer

Andrew "Poke" Freeman

Carla Goldsmith

Peter Goldsmith

Perion McCarthy

Gina McCone

Alice Underwood

Olivia Walker